Gangstagrass tornado of awesome - note from the band
Jun 10, 2012

So much going on here at the secret lair it is hard to keep up with. We just had great shows in Nashville, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, and central NY after releasing the new album Rappalachia. It is rad meeting fans in person and getting to do it live for you. The album is getting rave reviews from our favorite people, AKA fans. Lots of interviews going on, so there will be lots for you to read about the making of the album, such as our recent interview with Hear Hear.

About to head to Toronto to throw a roof deck pool party there on June 14th with our friends Brooklyn35 Collective and I Am Love, which will be a blast, but first we are here in Brooklyn shooting a video for "Bound To Ride" which is looking triple hot. We will post some pics soon. R-SON and Dolio and Rench are on camera, plus Jason Cade and Todd Livingston, plus kids, exploding flowers, skulls, snakes in a bottle, and more!

Thanks to everyone who is buying the new album and other stuff at our store - keep spreading the word! 

On June 28th we play a hometown gig in Brooklyn at the Knitting Factory, which will be a party and a half. Our friends The Defibulators will kick it off and we will have lots of special guests and free home-made cookies!

If you are lilstening to Rappalachia and enjoying it, post about it - thats how people get exposed to this music and we want everyone to hear it!

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