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Gangstagrass hits the Road! 

Holy Smokes! The banjos and beats are getting stuffed in a van and heading halfway across the country. And we are coming to a town near you! So put on your foot stompin' socks, email your friends, join the facebook events, and come party with us.

Catch us at SXSW in Austin too!


Gangstagrass Bandanas are here!

We have just created a line of Gangstagrass bandanas, available now exclusively through

These awesome bandanas have a cross-banjo image designed by Rench, and they look good on your wrist, your head, your neck, your face, or your pocket. We got light tan bandanas with black ink, or black bandanas with white ink. Get one of each!

These bandanas are especially great for covering your face like a bandit, or soaking with vinegar help you recover from being tear gassed.

Just go here and pick up all the bandanas you need!

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